This is an overview of the courses that I teach at Lawrence. Over the last few years I have revised the statistics curriculum, adding new courses and deleting others. Before coming to Lawrence I taught at Iowa State and Des Moines Area Community College. My CV contains the complete list of courses that I have taught.

Elementary Statistics

An introduction to data analysis, one-variable regression, experimental and sampling design, random variables, sampling distributions, and inference.

Fall 2016

Applied Statistical Methods

A second course in statistics exploring multiple and logistic regression.

Spring 2015


An introduction to probability and its applications.

Fall 2016

Data-Scientific Programming

An introduction to programming with emphasis on learning from data in order to gain useful insights.

DataCamp page for 2017

Statistical Modeling

An exploration of methods to select, fit, evaluate and compare statistical models, while also providing an introduction to statistical inference.

Statistical Theory

Development of the mathematical theory of statistics and its application to the real world.

Spring 2016

Freshman Studies II

The second term of the cornerstone of the Lawrence curriculum, which is best understood as an introduction to liberal learning.

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