Hi! I’m Adam Loy, an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at Lawrence University. I teach the entire statistics curriculum at Lawrence and am passionate about communicating the beauty and power of modern statistical methods to students. My research focuses on incorporating realistic computation and visualization into the classroom, exploring the potential of visual inference, developing better visualizations to explore complex models, and developing useful and useable R packages.

Curriculum vitae


As the lone statistician at Lawrence, I teach the entire statistics curriculum including:

  • Elementary statistics
  • Probability
  • Applied statistical methods
  • Statistical modeling
  • Statistical theory

I also supervise senior projects related to statistics, and am developing a computer science course introducing students to data-scientific computing. For more details, check out my teaching page.


My recent projects fall into three categories: statistical graphics and visualization (vis), statistics education, and developing R packages.


  • Diagnosing models using visual inference
  • Exploring the Soul of the Community data set for the 2013 Data Expo
  • Creating a statistical atlas exploring farmer perspectives on agriculture and weather variability in the Corn Belt

Stat ed

  • Data-scientific case studies for undergraduate statistics
  • A shiny app for discussing visual inference in the classroom
  • Revising and expanding the test bank for the fourth edition of The Practice of Statistics for Business and Economics.

R packages

  • lmeresampler for bootstrapping nested linear mixed-effects models
  • HLMdiag for diagnosing hierarchical (multilevel) linear models


I received my M.S. and Ph.D. in Statistics from Iowa State University. I received my B.A. in Mathematics/Statistics with a minor in Economics in 2007 from Luther College.